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Successful Black Parenting

Posted by Marta Sánchez

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WHO IS MRS. BOOKBINDER? Well, preschoolers may not be talking about it, but they probably have overheard their teachers ask themselves, “What would Mrs. Bookbinder do?” Mrs. Bookbinder is a...

by Marta Sánchez, Ph.D. For many teens across the country, summers usually represent free time. Schools on traditional nine month calendars are out and youth employment rates skyrocket. This means more...

by Marta Sánchez, Ph.D. Summer vacation from school may present unique tensions for teens that younger children do not face. For one, teens are still bound to the family and to the family’s rules because...

by Marta Sánchez, Ph.D. Media and Tweens: How Is Your Child Being Affected? Images in the media can possibly affect your children’s behavior and grades and influence their future. It’s time for a...

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