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Successful Black Parenting

DIY Easy Kwanzaa Napkin Rings

Kwanzaa is about making homemade gifts for family and friends and what better way to celebrate Kwanzaa at the table than to create homemade napkin rings on a budget.

Successful Black Parenting


 Cardboard roll

 Gold cord

 Cowrie shells

 Old nail polish or paint

 Other embellishments

 Cut up the cardboard roll into one to two-inch sections.

 Paint the inside of the tube pieces and let dry. I like to use old nail polishes that I don’t use anymore because they have an added shellac, they have a pearlescent shine built-in, and little hands can grab the tops easily. They smell while painting and drying but the smell goes away after they are dry.

 Poke holes in the cardboard tube for the cord.

Thread the cord through the cardboard tube and tie on the opposite side.

 Add Cowrie shells and other decorations as you see fit and tie in a double knot.

 Add your napkin and brag about your napkin rings that you and your children created during dinner time.


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